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If same had to be done without compound-trigger, it might have been required to share data using packages.The compound trigger is useful when you want to accumulate facts that characterize the “for each row” changes and then act on them as a body at “after statement” time.A block has the following structure: DECLARE /* Declarative section: variables, types, and local subprograms.*/ BEGIN /* Executable section: procedural and SQL statements go here.Two popular reasons to use compound trigger are: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER compound_trigger_name FOR [INSERT|DELETE]UPDATE [OF column] ON table COMPOUND TRIGGER -- Declarative Section (optional) -- Variables declared here have firing-statement duration.--Executed before DML statement BEFORE STATEMENT IS BEGIN NULL; END BEFORE STATEMENT; --Executed before each row change- : NEW, : OLD are available BEFORE EACH ROW IS BEGIN NULL; END BEFORE EACH ROW; --Executed aftereach row change- : NEW, : OLD are available AFTER EACH ROW IS BEGIN NULL; END AFTER EACH ROW; --Executed after DML statement AFTER STATEMENT IS BEGIN NULL; END AFTER STATEMENT; END compound_trigger_name; Hopefully this example with make things more clear. SALARY IS NULL) ) THEN v_index := v_index 1; v_emp_changes(v_index).upd_dt := SYSDATE; v_emp_changes(v_index).upd_by := SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'SESSION_USER'); v_emp_changes(v_index).emp_id := : NEW.emp_id; v_emp_changes(v_index).field := 'SALARY'; v_emp_changes(v_index).from_value := to_char(: OLD.

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Trigger names exist in the schema namespace, meaning that all triggers must have unique names within a schema.

Lets create a compound trigger for auditing a large table called ’employees’. SALARY); v_emp_changes(v_index).to_value := to_char(: NEW. SALARY); v_emp_changes(v_index).action := 'Update'; END IF; END IF; IF v_index = v_threshhold THEN flush_logs(); END IF; END AFTER EACH ROW; -- AFTER STATEMENT Section: AFTER STATEMENT IS BEGIN flush_logs(); END AFTER STATEMENT; END aud_emp; / INSERT INTO employees VALUES (1, 'emp1', 10000); INSERT INTO employees VALUES (2, 'emp2', 20000); INSERT INTO employees VALUES (3, 'emp3', 16000); UPDATE employees SET salary = 2000 WHERE salary EMP_ID, UPD_BY, UPD_DT, ACTION, FIELD, FROM_VALUE, TO_VALUE 1, Aditya,1/22/2014 AM, Create,*, NULL,* 2, Aditya,1/22/2014 AM, Create,*, NULL,* 3, Aditya,1/22/2014 AM, Create,*, NULL,* 2, Aditya,1/22/2014 AM, Update, SALARY,20000,2000 3, Aditya,1/22/2014 AM, Update, SALARY,16000,2000 Now any changes in any field of employees will to be written in aud_emp table.

Any changes made in any field of ’employees’ table needs to be logged in as a separate row in audit table ‘aud_empl’. A beauty of this approach is we were able to access same data ‘v_emp_changes’ between statement and row triggering events.

Triggers in different schemas can have the same name.

In addition to the requirement that trigger names be unique for a schema, there are other limitations on the types of triggers you can create.

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